Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our users

Does SimplyPay support multiple currencies?

Yes you can.  This is a new feature as of May 2018.

If your SimplyPay account is set up to accept payments with Stripe, all foreign currencies that are supported through Stripe are supported through SimplyPay.

You can select the currency that you prefer under the settings tab inside of your SimplyPay account.

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for a free account, you are able to create 5 invoices so you can see how the system works. There is no time limit to the 5 invoices, so use them at your leisure.

When you attempt to create your 6th invoice, the system will ask you if you’d like to upgrade to the unlimited plan.  See our pricing here.

Is there a long term contract?

No. Just sign up for free and if you like it you can upgrade to the unlimited plan which is a month to month agreement. Use it as much as you’d like and if, for any reason, you decide that the service is not for you just cancel without penalty.

Is my information PCI compliant and secure?

Of Course! In today’s payments landscape, security is of the utmost importance.

SimplyPay protects your data through secure 256-bit SSL certifications and is powered by CardPointe & Stripe and which 2 of the most secure payment processing options on the market today!

Does SimplyPay store my client's credit card numbers?

NO!  We don’t store any sensitive credit card data on our servers or within your SimplyPay account.

All transactions are processed through secure API’s (CardPointe and Stripe) which means that you’re protected and your customer’s credit card numbers are properly encrypted and protected.


Will I get an email notification when an Invoice is paid?

Yes! You will get an email letting you know that an invoice has been paid.

Additionally, our built in link tracker can tell you when an invoice (or payment page) has been viewed by one of your clients within the dashboard of your account.

Is SimplyPay a merchant account provider?

No. It’s an invoice software.


CardPointe or Stripe are the current merchant account options. is an invoicing and hosted payment page tool that allows you to quickly and easily create hosted payment links so you can send an invoice to your customers and they can pay you!


You need a merchant account, along with a account!

Are the payment forms mobile friendly?

Absolutely!  All payment pages that your customers use to pay you, are mobile friendly and will work on all devices including tablets and smartphones for easy access.

Additionally, the user interface inside your account dashboard, is mobile friendly!

What if I don't have a CardPointe account?

Setting up a CardPointe account is free and the rates can be much cheaper than using Stripe so if you want to use that option, just click here to sign up for a CardPointe merchant account.

There is an application process so you will be contacted by a SimplyPay/CardPointe representative after you fill the application form out. Once your account is approved you can immediately begin using SimplyPay.

What if I don't have a Stripe account?

Setting up a Stripe account is free so if you want to use that option, just go to and sign up.

Once your Stripe account is active, you can simply use the “connect” feature and log in to your Stripe account and it will automatically connect to Stripe. Then you can begin creating invoices.

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